• Timber cabin ASTER

    2 584.00 

    ASTER is made of 45 or 60mm thick boards. Dimensions 4000x3000. Terrace 4000x1500mm. Please find the plan here.



    Roof construction:
    Roof boards 18-22x86mm
    Rafters 60x160mm
    Floor construction:
    Beam 100x150mm
    Underfloor beams 60x100mm
    Floor boards 26x100mm
    Terrace construction:
    Beams 100x150mm
    Terrace floor 45x130mm
    Wooden windows with glass packet, wooden door:
    Single window 1 vnt
    Double window 1 vnt
    Outside door 1 vnt

    Height: min-2200mm, max-3000mm.

    Additional parts for assembling:
    Screws, nails, linnen fiber for walls, assembling instruction.

    Dydis 12m²